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Hexclad - Master Series Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Set, 7pc

Hexclad - Master Series Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Set, 7pc

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If there’s one thing that signifies the leap from “good cook" to “knockout cook," it’s a spectacular knife set. Our limited edition Master Series Damascus knives are the “black-tie” of knives. Think: modern, full-tang and ebony in hue with a hint of gold detailing. They comprise 67 layers of Damascus steel, a prized, exceptionally hard material from the pre-industrial era once used to make weapons. With their super-sharp blades (a sharp knife is a safe knife!), these knives stay sharper longer. This extraordinary set is as much a conversation piece as a culinary necessity.

What’s Included?

  • Magnetic Walnut Knife Block
  • 8" Chef’s Knife
  • 7" Santoku Knife
  • 5" Utility Knife
  • 3.5" Paring Knife
  • 9” Serrated Bread Knife
  • 9" Honing Steel

What makes this set a must-have?

  • Limited edition set bears special HexClad insignia and a sleek modern design.
  • Blades comprise 67 layers of Japanese Damascus steel for a harder blade–60 Rockwell rating–and a sharper edge that stays sharp longer, for effortless slicing.
  • Oversized blades and full-tang construction ensure even weight distribution for more precision and control.
  • Made utilizing the 3-step Honbazuke method–an advanced heat treatment to enhance hardness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance–for a super-sharp, 12-degree edge.
  • Hexagonal faux ebony handle made of durable, moisture and stain-resistant composite that won’t expand or contract over time.
  • Magnetic walnut knife block has embedded, industrial-strength magnetic strips to securely hold each knife and maintain sharpness without dulling blades.

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