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Le Creuset | Knobs

Le Creuset | Knobs

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Your favourite oven dish’s knob may show signs of wear and tear before well before the rest of your go-to cooking item. Replace your scratched cookware knob for a brand-new one or treat yourself to a silver, gold or copper stainless steel one if you’re thinking of cooking any recipe that requires an oven temperature above 260ºC or 500ºF.

  • Material: Phenolic Material or Stainless Steel
  • Colours: Available in Black, silver, gold or copper
  • Dimensions: 2.2' or 5.7 cm (large); 1.9' or 4.7 cm (medium); 1.5' or 3.7 cm (small)

Size Small is best suited for the 0.9 L Round French Oven

Size Medium is a perfect fit for the 1.8 L, 2.4 L, and 3.3 L Round French Oven.

Size Large is compatible with the following pieces of cookware: Round French Oven (4.2 L, 5.3 L, 6.7 L, 8.1 L, 12 L), Oval French Oven (4.7 L, 6.3 L), the Braiser (3.5 L, 4.7 L), and the 13.9 L Goose Pot.

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