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Hexclad - HexMill Pepper Grinder + Spiceology Whole Black Peppercorns

Hexclad - HexMill Pepper Grinder + Spiceology Whole Black Peppercorns

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Pump fresh flavor with the powerhouse of a HexMill Pepper Grinder paired with Spiceology's Whole Black Peppercorns. The HexMill cranks out pepper with maximum speed and consistency — and is built to last a lifetime. With an adjustable grind range that takes you from super fine to coarse, this sleek yet substantial aluminum-bodied mill uses a burr grinder (just like the finest coffee grinders) to unlock mild heat from cracked pepper that brings out the natural flavor of any meat dish. A bottom cap lets you pre-grind when needed and keeps pepper residue off your countertops. To top it off, a lifetime warranty makes this the only pepper grinder you’ll ever need.

Spiceology’s Whole Black Peppercorn is a cracked pepper blend with mild heat that brings out the natural flavor of any meat dish. Try this all purpose seasoning on your next meat dish and discover an exciting new way to season. Aromatic and pungent, black pepper leaves a lingering heat that tastes just as good as it smells.

What makes the HexMill Pepper Grinder anything but run-of-the-mill?

  • Engineered to produce pepper FASTER than any other top-rated pepper mills - get the pepper you want in 5 easy cranks, not 50
  • Burr grinder design offers superior consistency and speed vs blade grinders
  • Ten adjustable grind settings that range from ultra-fine powder to coarse granules for the perfect grind size for everything from dressings and stocks to seared meats, rubs, and salads
  • Easily refillable with a button-enabled quick-release cap
  • Heavy duty, solid-milled aluminum body is built to last and preserve peppercorn freshness
  • Sleek, hexagonal, and monochromatic in classic black, so it looks as good as your food is about to taste
  • No mess bottom cap keeps your table and countertop free of pepper residue
  • Years in development, it grinds up the competition and leaves pre-ground pepper shakers in the dust
  • A LIFETIME warranty on all parts
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