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Hexclad - HexClad Silicone Trivet Set

Hexclad - HexClad Silicone Trivet Set

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A great trivet should boast a few qualities: It’s got to be superbly heat-resistant. (This one is, up to 450° F.) It should be good-looking. (Hello, HexClad honeycomb.) And it should be easy to clean: No one wants to think about Sunday sauce during Friday night fish fry. (This silicone surface is a snap to wash.) Add our trivet to your dining table before setting down a piping-hot bouillabaisse, platter of fried calamari, or even burbling fondue. It’s non-slip, easy on the eyes, and completely heat-resistant. We love how our trivet disappears on a set table–all the better for folks to admire your handiwork, Chef.

  • Silicone is a heat-resistant material, capable of withstanding high temperatures without melting or deforming.
  • Non-slip surface provides a protective barrier between hot pots and pans and your countertops, tables, or other surfaces.
  • Ideal surface for holding hot cookware straight out of the oven such as our 12” HexClad Hybrid Pan and HexClad Hybrid Roasting Pan.
  • Heat-resistant up to 450° F.
  • Easy-to-clean. Wipe your trivet down with a damp cloth or rinse it under running water.
  • The non-porous nature of silicone makes it resistant to stains and odors, keeping your trivet fresh over time.
  • Set includes 2 trivets.

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