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Hexclad - HexClad BBQ Grill Pan + Spiceology 4 Pack Rub Bundle

Hexclad - HexClad BBQ Grill Pan + Spiceology 4 Pack Rub Bundle

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The HexClad BBQ Grill Pan combines the searing power of stainless steel, the durability of cast iron, and the convenience of non-stick, all into one versatile grilling pan. Cook an entire meal on the grill without going back and forth to your kitchen while delivering the same smoke and char flavor you love from traditional grilling.

This Spiceology 4 pack rub set is the perfect gift for the foodie in your life, the grill enthusiast, or the person who wants to cook more but just doesn't know where to start. This set includes four delicious seasonings – Black Magic, Chile Margarita, Greek Freak, and Smoky Honey Habanero. Read more about the spices below.

  • Black Magic Cajun Blackening Spice (4.4 oz) - Black Magic is a Cajun blackening spice with a little bit of cayenne fire, a lot of that spicy-sweet paprika perfection, and a frisky garlic-herb blend. This cajun seasoning is also flawless when straight-rubbed onto any meat or fish and works exceptionally well in a smoker (we smoked a whole turkey for Thanksgiving - it was delicious.) In fact, it's great on all types of proteins and vegetables.
  • Chile Margarita Mexican Seasoning (5.6 oz) - It's a citrusy, sweet & spicy party in your mouth! Not only is it amazing on all proteins but you can toss this super versatile seasoning into canned black beans, sprinkle on grilled corn or even swirl into chili.
  • Greek Freak Mediterranean Seasoning (4 oz) - A mix of herbs, dried onion, sun-dried tomato, a touch of chili pepper, and orange peel powder combine flawlessly to give you all of the flavor, without any fillers.
  • Smoky Honey Habanero Seasoning (5.7 oz) - Slightly smoky from the smoked paprika, slightly sweet from the honey granules and the perfect kick from the habanero to spice up the heat.

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