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Hexclad - Benny's Big Ass Bundle (17PC)

Hexclad - Benny's Big Ass Bundle (17PC)

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Benny Blanco has a “go big or go home” aesthetic, which makes sense when you see the heap of heavy hitters he loves in our cookware collection. It’s everything you could want to make the record producer/ cookbook author/ musician/ gadabout’s best dishes from his new cookbook, Open Wide: A Cookbook for Friends. Fried chicken? Check. Latkes? Fried fish sandwiches? Check and check. This is the gear you need–plus vacuum-sealing bowls for the leftovers you may not have! 


  • 10" Hybrid Pan with Lid
  • 12" Hybrid Pan with Lid
  • 10" Hybrid Wok with Lid
  • 13" Hybrid Griddle
  • 8" Damascus Steel Chef’s Knife
  • 7-Quart Hybrid Deep Sauté Pan/Chicken Fryer with Lid
  • HexMill Pepper Grinder
  • Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set with Vacuum Sealed Lids, 6pc

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