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Hexclad - HexClad Beechwood Cutting Board, Extra-Large

Hexclad - HexClad Beechwood Cutting Board, Extra-Large

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Go ahead: Chop that cauliflower, carve that roast, and know that you’re less likely to make a mess with our extra large wood cutting board in your corner. It’s a kitchen workhorse – and a beautiful one – ideal for those who love to entertain. Just carve up that leg of lamb, add rosemary sprigs and olives, and bring it to the table to “Oohs” and “Aahs.” This huge beechwood board also makes every element of prep work easier: Salt all the steaks you need for a cookout, or chop all the veggies for a salad. Our Beechwood Extra-Large Cutting Board is a moderate-density wood, which means it balances durability and knife-friendliness.

  • Knife mark-resistant and durable, beechwood can endure the impact of cutting and chopping without easily showing signs of wear.
  • While it provides sufficient resistance to knife cuts, this wood is not too hard on blades.
  • Beechwood is a non-aromatic wood, meaning it doesn’t have a strong natural scent or taste.
  • An extra-large wood cutting board is ideal for prep work while its 1.5-inch base adds stability.
  • Use it to knead dough, roll out pastry, or set out appetizers or charcuterie for guests.
  • Size: 18-inch x 24-inch

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