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Hexclad - 5QT Hybrid Dutch Oven

Hexclad - 5QT Hybrid Dutch Oven

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Meet the new center of attention. The HexClad Dutch Oven takes top-of-the-line cooking performance and adds (and subtracts) where it counts. This 5-quart showstopper is half the weight of traditional Dutch Ovens, giving you maximum maneuverability to go along with HexClad durability. Patented Hybrid technology quickly and evenly distributes heat for perfect casseroles, roasts, breads, and braises — and makes it cinch to clean (by hand or in the dishwasher). The mirror-finished stainless-steel lid seals in moisture and flavor for superior stews, sauces, and simmers. There aren’t many pots in your kitchen that can do this many things — and look this good doing it.


What makes this a must-have Dutch Oven?

  • We’ve put a modern twist on a must-have kitchen classic.
  • Half the weight of traditional Dutch Ovens for ease of use and versatility.
  • Hybrid technology distributes heat evenly, which is critical for slow cooking to perfection.
  • Modern, lightweight design and sleek stainless-steel lid add an aesthetic punch to any kitchen.
  • A cooking staple that will last for generations that also happens to be dishwasher safe.
  • Doubles as a stock pot for 5-quart pastas and soups.

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